Thursday, May 13, 2010

ESB Dioshots I

I have taken over yet another Casting Call at CC60: The Dioramas of the Empire Strikes Back celbates the 30th Aniversary of the movieby taking and constructing scenes with toys, customs and whatever else we can imagine. It also celebrates diorama making/photo editing which is just as important to customs as making the figures themselves.

It is exciting for me because this is really my first real forray into using GIMP to add effects. I've merged pictures using photoshop but that was relatively simple and essentially a microscope lab manual how to. This I'm doing all by myself free handed.

Crashed Probe Droid

Falcon Blast Off

There will be more, if they survived the switch from Win7 back to Vista due to a job. And hopefully customs will resume production here by the end of summer.